Eurotier 2016

From 13 to 16 November 2016 the Eurotier took place in Hanover.The Chair of Agricultural Systems Engineering was also represented with a model for automated animal feeding, which provided a great interest to the public.

Steam Plowing on October 11 2016 in Schönbrunn

Nostalgia feelings: At 11th of October there was a scarce event at the "Landmaschinenschule" (School of farm machinery) in Schönbrunn, Landshut, Germany. One of the last still working steam plows was shown in action. Because of high safety regulations just a few machines are still in good condition and allowed to be used. Interested students were able to inform themselfes about the development of plowing. From horse drawn one blade ploughs across the steam ploughs up to modern machinery. Taking part in a contest, the students were able to get a feeling about the power needed to draw a plow through soil.

Excursion to Thuringia

On 9th and 10th May the Junge DLG / Team Weihenstephan with professional supervison by the Chair of Agricultural Systems Engineering made an excursion to Thuringia. A cowshed was attended with an circular carousel for efficent milking. A Champagne Producer and a herb and medical plant producer are also visited while the excursion.