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Upload of LBS+ Mask Binaries

The IsoAgLib enables the application to define parallel terminal masks for DIN 9684 and ISO 11783 types. Based on the current activated protocol, and the available terminal, the suitable terminal handling is used. The class IsoAgLib::iDINMaskUpload_c is responsible for the upload of binary LBS+ mask definition files. The application can simply define the properties of a mask binary with a constant variable instance of the type IsoAgLib::t_maskDefinition. As this constant can be placed in ROM, no RAM is wasted in case the corresponding terminal upload isn't started. This is especially important, if more than one terminal type can be handled by several alternative terminal definitions. In case the array and structure can't be initialized directly into the constant, these values should be placed in global RAM space by "static" variable type.

Example Defintion of LBS+ Terminal Properties

The definition of the terminal project properties can be as following, if a AGCO Fendt Varioterminal is used:
    const int32_t i32_VariomenueByteSize = 200000;
    const HUGE_MEM uint8_t* pVarioConfigStartVektor = (HUGE_MEM uint8_t*)0x0A0000;
    const HUGE_MEM uint8_t* pVarioMenueStartVektor  = (HUGE_MEM uint8_t*)0x0A0080;

    const IsoAgLib::t_syncTupel psVarioSyncNo[] = {
      {1, LBS_PLUS_SYSTEM_STATUS},            
      {100, LBS_PLUS_PROJECT_VERSION},        
      {0xFA6A2, LBS_PLUS_PROJECT_DATE},       
      {0x40000051, LBS_PLUS_PROJECT_STATUS},
      {0x60000, LBS_PLUS_PROJECT_START},       
      {0x70000, LBS_PLUS_PROJECT_VISISTART},   
      {0x00000080, LBS_PLUS_PROJECT_VISISIZE}  
    IsoAgLib::GetyPos_c *pc_getypos = IsoAgLib::GetyPos_c( 2, 0 );

    const IsoAgLib::t_maskDefinition sVarioMask = {
      IsoAgLib::GetyPos_c(1, 2), 

Registrate Terminal Definition

The definition structure of type IsoAgLib::t_maskDefinition can be registered into IsoAgLib with a simple function call. This call is independend from immediate availability of terminal or completed address claim of local ident. As soon as both the registered terminal is ready and the corresponding local ident has completely claimed address, the terminal mask definition will be activated for upload to the terminal. The registration call is shown in the following example:

Check for Current Upload State

 if ( IsoAgLib::getIdinMaskuploadInstance().isRunning() ) {
   // hey - the upload is running ;-))
 else if ( IsoAgLib::getIdinMaskuploadInstance().isSuccess() ) {
   // fine - our ECU user interface is uploaded to the LBS+ terminal
 else if ( IsoAgLib::getIdinMaskuploadInstance().isAborted() ) {
   // oh shit - the upload was aborted by some problems - check the IsoAgLib error state for more information

Management of Active LBS+ Terminal Mask

The event and value exchange for IsoAgLib+ terminals is managed by process data variables. Please look here for more information. The optimal process data capability and ressource requirement level is provided by the type IsoAgLib::iProcDataLocalSimpleSetpointSimpleMeasure_c in case a Varioterminal is used. Reason: It doesn't support measurement programs, as it just implements single shot value requests.
The other process data types, which support measurement program and capable setpoint handling are requiring too much RAM in relation to needed functionality. But if you use a Fieldstart terminal or the process data values are also exchanged with other members at the CAN BUS, more capable process data types may be reasonable.

Required Modules of Other Communication Subdirectories

The upload of LBS+ terminal definition requires at least the integrtion of the process data type IsoAgLib::iProcDataLocalSimpleSetpointSimpleMeasure_c into the project, as the values for project synchronisation are internally handled with this type. If the further value exchange is managed by other process data types, the corresponding modules must be included into the project additionally ( description of types and corresponding modules ).
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