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Documentation and Download of IsoAgLib

Object Oriented Program Library ISOAgLib

Development of ISO 11783 and DIN 9684 Applications

Copyright © 1999 - 2004 Achim Spangler, Martin Wodok

Licensed with Exceptions under the General Public License (GPL) of the Free Software Foundation

Main Features
Structural Overview
License Conditions
Thanks to development by Sensortechnik Wiedemann ( STW )
Thanks to Fritzmeier for contribution of ISO 11783 Virtual Terminal support
Thanks to eager and patient initial developers with Win32
Main TODO items
Authors and Contributors of the IsoAgLib
List of Known Projects which use IsoAgLib
HOWTO Identify and download needed archives
HOWTO Access the Version Management Repository
HOWTO Recreate Documentation with Doxygen
HOWTO Learn Usage of IsoAgLib
HOWTO Prepare Suitable Compiler and IDE
HOWTO Install vt2iso - Tool for Creation of ISO 11783 Virtual Terminal Masks
HOWTO Create Project Files with Script
General Information
Modelling as Network of Autonomous Agents
Service Network
Further Development
Questions, Answers and Discussion
Further Reading on Open Source

Last Update:
13 October 2004
by Achim Spangler

HOWTO Identify and download needed archives

As the ISOAgLib provides several functions which are supplementary or only relevant for specific conditions, the download is seperated in several parts.

Content Description Archive Size [KByte]
Core components which are needed for almost all use cases 4152
Documentation ( Can also be recreated with Doxygen ) 13125
Essential ISO 11783 specific parts including virtual terminal support 408
Essential DIN 9684 specific parts including LBS+ terminal support/upload 112
Data repository class with cached tractor information ( Base Data like tractor speed ) 28
Process Data support ( local and remote process data with several variants for different feature sets / resource requirements 276
Supplementary driver with object oriented modelling of RS232 ( access functions like C++ iostreams ) 44
Supplementary driver with object oriented modelling of Actors ( effective diagnose based on properties for allowed current range ) 36
Supplementary driver with object oriented modelling of Sensors ( Digital and Analog Input ) 80

The supplementary drivers were developed to control complete ECU IO in object oriented style with ISOAgLib . This development patterns allows the combined control and diagnose of IO channels with One-Channel-One-Instance relation. These driver extensions are complete optional.

All archives should be extracted from the same directory.

HOWTO Access the Version Management Repository

The sources of the ISOAgLib managed by the version management system Subversion which is developed as a replacement for CVS. The ISOAgLib repository allows an anonymous read access with:

Each user who wants to contribute enhancements should please do the following:

HOWTO Recreate Documentation with Doxygen

If you don't want to download the big archive with the generated documentation ( 13 MByte ), you can simply recreate the documentation based on the downloaded source and the contained informative text files. Steps:
  1. Download and install Doxygen from for your specific plattform
  2. Download and install graphviz with the tool "dot" from
  3. Let Doxygen create the documentation with the config file "Doxyfile" which is located in the project root directory

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