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Structure of HAL for Main Parts of IsoAgLib

The directory structure of the ISOAgLib HAL is designed to ease quick adotion to new platform types.

Adoption to New Platform

The following steps are enough for adoption to a new hardware:
  1. create a new SYSTEM_XY define in the header isoaglib_config.h for your platform ( compare to SYSTEM_ESX )
  2. create a new #elif setting in isoaglib_config.h where the directory name for the HAL of the new platform is defined ( compare to SYSTEM_ESX )
  3. create a copy of the directory <lgpl_src/IsoAgLib/hal/esx> with the directory name as specified in isoaglib_config.h
  4. do this also for <lgpl_src/supplementary_driver/hal/esx> if you intend to use ISOAgLib for actor, rs232 or sensor
  5. adopt the files in the new directories to your specific needs
  6. insert your new SYSTEM_XY setting in your Makefiles or project configuration
  7. send your adoption to Achim Spangler , so that your adoption can be used and possibly optimized within the user community

Structure of HAL for Main Parts

Structure of HAL for ESX of STW


Structure of HAL for IMI of STW


Structure of HAL for PM167 of STW


Structure of HAL for PC


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