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#include <IsoAgLib/util/igetypos_c.h>
#include <IsoAgLib/driver/system/isystem_c.h>
#include <IsoAgLib/driver/can/icanio_c.h>
#include <IsoAgLib/comm/Scheduler/ischeduler_c.h>
#include <IsoAgLib/comm/SystemMgmt/iidentitem_c.h>
#include <IsoAgLib/comm/SystemMgmt/isystemmgmt_c.h>
#include "MaskDefinition/simpleVTIsoPool.xml_direct.h"

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#define PRJ_USE_AUTOGEN_CONFIG   config_3_0_VirtualTerminalIso.h
 the define PRJ_USE_AUTOGEN_CONFIG is used by lgpl_src/Application_Config/isoaglib_config.h to include project specific configuration settings.


void updateMiles (uint32_t rui32_value)
void updateAccel (int32_t ri32_value)
int main ()


int valSpeed = 0 valMiles=0 valAccel=10 color=0 like=0
iVtObjectStringVariable_c * colTable [9] = {&iVtObjectStrNone, &iVtObjectStrRed, &iVtObjectStrGreen, &iVtObjectStrBlue, &iVtObjectStrYellow, &iVtObjectStrCyan, &iVtObjectStrMagenta, &iVtObjectStrBlack, &iVtObjectStrWhite}
uint8_t fgcolTable [9] = {0, 12, 2, 9, 14, 11, 13, 0, 1}
iObjectPool_simpleVTIsoPool_c Tutorial_3_0_Pool_c

Define Documentation

#define PRJ_USE_AUTOGEN_CONFIG   config_3_0_VirtualTerminalIso.h

the define PRJ_USE_AUTOGEN_CONFIG is used by lgpl_src/Application_Config/isoaglib_config.h to include project specific configuration settings.

Set this define in the project file or Makefile of the whole project, so that each source file is compiled with this setting

Definition at line 190 of file

Function Documentation

int main  ) 


  • The following loop could be replaced of any repeating call of IsoAgLib::getISchedulerInstance().timeEvent(); which is needed to perform all internal activities of the IsoAgLib.
  • Define the time intervall for IsoAgLib::getISchedulerInstance().timeEvent() in a way, that allows IsoAgLib to trigger all reactions on BUS in the ISO 11783 defined time resolution - especially the address claim process has some tight time restrictions, that suggest a trigger rate of at least 100msec ( you could call the function only during address claim, mask updload and other special circumstances in a high repetition rate )
  • The main loop is running until iSystem_c::canEn() is returning false. This function can be configured by the #define BUFFER_SHORT_CAN_EN_LOSS_MSEC in isoaglib_config.h to ignore short CAN_EN loss.
  • This explicit control of power state without automatic powerdown on CanEn loss can be controled with the central config define #define DEFAULT_POWERDOWN_STRATEGY IsoAgLib::PowerdownByExplcitCall or #define DEFAULT_POWERDOWN_STRATEGY IsoAgLib::PowerdownOnCanEnLoss in the header lgpl_src/Application_Config/isoaglib_config.h
  • This can be also controlled during runtime with the function call: getIsystemInstance().setPowerdownStrategy( IsoAgLib::PowerdownByExplcitCall ) or getIsystemInstance().setPowerdownStrategy( IsoAgLib::PowerdownOnCanEnLoss )

Definition at line 359 of file

References IsoAgLib::getIcanInstance(), IsoAgLib::getIisoTerminalInstance(), IsoAgLib::getISchedulerInstance(), Tutorial_3_0_Pool_c, uint16_t, uint32_t, and uint8_t.

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void updateAccel int32_t  ri32_value  ) 


Definition at line 241 of file

References int32_t.

void updateMiles uint32_t  rui32_value  ) 


Definition at line 233 of file

References uint32_t.

Variable Documentation

iVtObjectStringVariable_c* colTable[9] = {&iVtObjectStrNone, &iVtObjectStrRed, &iVtObjectStrGreen, &iVtObjectStrBlue, &iVtObjectStrYellow, &iVtObjectStrCyan, &iVtObjectStrMagenta, &iVtObjectStrBlack, &iVtObjectStrWhite} [static]

Definition at line 230 of file

uint8_t fgcolTable[9] = {0, 12, 2, 9, 14, 11, 13, 0, 1} [static]

Definition at line 231 of file

iObjectPool_simpleVTIsoPool_c Tutorial_3_0_Pool_c [static]

Definition at line 350 of file

Referenced by main().

int valSpeed = 0 valMiles=0 valAccel=10 color=0 like=0 [static]

Definition at line 227 of file

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