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Contact and Background Information on IsoAgLib

Object Oriented Program Library ISOAgLib

Development of ISO 11783 and DIN 9684 Applications

Copyright © 1999 - 2004 Achim Spangler, Martin Wodok

Licensed with Exceptions under the General Public License (GPL) of the Free Software Foundation

Main Features
Structural Overview
License Conditions
Thanks to development by Sensortechnik Wiedemann ( STW )
Thanks to Fritzmeier for contribution of ISO 11783 Virtual Terminal support
Thanks to eager and patient initial developers with Win32
Main TODO items
Authors and Contributors of the IsoAgLib
List of Known Projects which use IsoAgLib
HOWTO Identify and download needed archives
HOWTO Access the Version Management Repository
HOWTO Recreate Documentation with Doxygen
HOWTO Learn Usage of IsoAgLib
HOWTO Prepare Suitable Compiler and IDE
HOWTO Install vt2iso - Tool for Creation of ISO 11783 Virtual Terminal Masks
HOWTO Create Project Files with Script
General Information
Modelling as Network of Autonomous Agents
Service Network
Further Development
Questions, Answers and Discussion
Further Reading on Open Source

Last Update:
13 October 2004
by Achim Spangler

Questions, Answers and Discussion

An Open Source project needs active users, who post their questions, hints and answers to other questions to a central open communication platform. All users are strongly encouraged to help answering questions and to search for reasons of posted ISOAgLib bugs. Please use the Bulletin Board of partial project 2 for all communication. The ISOAgLib was developed with the help of the following Open Source projects:

Thanks to the DFG, which finances the partial project 2 of the research group "IKB-Dürnast". Thanks to the research group of Prof. H. Auernhammer and to Martin Wodok (m.wodok-ag:de), who developed LBS_Terminal.

Further Reading on Open Source

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