• Stable 4.0 (Integrated Dairy Farming)

Current research projects

  • Animal-Machine Interaction
  • Influencing Factors Analysis on Infield Logistics
  • Precision Grassland Farming
  • Automatic Feeding Systems for Cattle
  • Modeling agricultural transport logistics
  • Simulation agricultural crop chains

Completed research projects

  • Information networking in the calf housing (Precision Calf Farming)
  • Optimization of a precision forage harvester, for power saving in the comminution and quality assurance of the chopped material
  • Optimization of a Precision Forage Harvester for Energy Reduction in the Powertrain
  • EID+DNA (2002-2005) - Use of Electronic Identification and Genetic analizes as tools for traceability of meat
  • Telemetric recording of location and behavioral data of extensively held animal herds and their analysis to evaluate the potential for sustainable landscape management
  • IDEA (1998-2001) - Identification electronique des animaux
  • CAPT (1996-1999) - Coupling active and passive transponders (CAPT)